Hello Friends!

Our family has had the privilege to share music and ministry for over 30 years,
not only in the Ozark Mountain region but across the globe. We have our share of struggles with the human condition, but God has been faithful! We are committed to expanding His Kingdom, and increasing the joy of those who already know Jesus as their Lord.

We're painfully transparent and free with laughter and a song - explore the site and learn more about our family, and our ministry.  Check out the resource page that has material we believe can encourage you and/or someone you love with the message of Jesus Christ!


The Biblical Preacher's Workshop Book - Hosea's first print endeavor doesn't disappoint, as he shares a time-tested approach to studying God's Word. An invaluable resource for any pastor, missionary, Bible study leader, or student of the Bible.


We have also added two new audio resources for you, in the form of podcasts. The first, titled "Fresh Manna" is a daily podcast presented by Hosea, with daily thoughts, devotionals, and prayers.

(click the image below to listen to the Fresh Manna podcast)

The second resource includes sermons and sermon series recorded at Ridgecrest Baptist Church for the "He Still Speaks" radio broadcast.  Hosea Bilyeu retired from the pulpit in August 2014 after serving as the Senior Pastor at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri for 30 years.  Most of these series and sermons were presented at RBC by Hosea. At times parts of some series were shared by other Ridgecrest pastoral staff.

(click the image below to listen to the He Still Speaks podcast)

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For those wanting to support the Wells of Joy ministry and its endeavors, you may donate through the PayPal button below.  We are thankful for the continued support of our community that makes it possible for us to travel to different regions of the world and share the GOSPEL.



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