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Good News Bilyeus
  • Good News Bilyeus
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This rare recording of the family is their first studio endeavor. Recorded in 1983, the family was young; eldest daughter Joy was 12, Robin was nine and Will was just six years old. When the recording resurfaced, it was digitally mastered and brought to CD for a special release - this is the Good News Bilyeu's!

Recorded in 1983. Digitally remixed and remastered in 2009.
1. Omnipotent Friend
2. It'll Be All Right With Me
3. The Sun's Coming Up
4. It Is Sweet to Look Beyond
5. Yours to Command
6. We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown
7. Remember Me
8. John the Revelator
9. Mary's Song
10. Won't It Be Worth It My Child

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20th Anniversary Concert
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The 20th Annual Hosea Bilyeu Family Concert - Until this recording, the family concert was always recorded live.  This album began the tradition of recording the concert songs in the studio in advance.  This project features songs that remain among the most requested in the Bilyeu Family catalog!

Released in 2004.
1. Jesus is Alive and Well
2. When Jesus Passes By
3. Sweet Rock of Ages
4. Safe Thus Far
5. Antioch Church House Choir
6. Honestly
7. Groundbreakin' Medley
8. He's in the Midst
9. I Can Smile
10. Thinkin' About Home
11. Ain't No Grave
12. You Can't Ask Too Much of My God
13. Midnight Cry
14. Let's Have a Revival

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I'll Never Forget
  • I'll Never Forget
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The 21st annual family concert featured a project intended to encourage all of us to remember the faithful work of God, and to thank Him for the faithful witness of those who have gone before!  The project was dedicated to the memory of Debbie's father, Bill Mabe.

Released in 2005.
1. I'm On The Battlefield
2. My Answer is Yes
3. We've Weathered Storms Before
4. The Lighthouse
5. Looking For a City
6. Three Bells
7. He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good
8. His Eye is On The Sparrow
9. Jesus, I'll Never Forget
10. I've Never Been This Homesick Before
11. I Never Shall Forget The Day
12. Hosea Testimony
13. The Healer
14. We Shall See Heaven Someday

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A Place Called Hope
  • A Place Called Hope
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The 22nd annual family concert project features a more diverse musical offering than previous projects.  A family favorite called "Who's Gonna Teach" finally makes it to a recording, and Will throws in a Marty Stuart song for good measure!

Released in 2006.
1. Hello in Heaven
2. If That Don't Make You Wanna Go
3. Low and Down
4. Who's Gonna Teach
5. Shoutin' Sounds
6. Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time
7. I Got Under The Spout
8. Until Then
9. Mama Always Had A Song to Sing
10. Because of Him
11. The City Coming Down
12. He Knows My Name
13. A Place Called Hope
14. Look For Me Around the Throne

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This Blood's For You
  • This Blood's For You
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The 23rd annual concert project saw the family making a much larger sounding recording - with horns, strings and organ blending with more layered vocals.  The title cut is a Hosea Bilyeu original.

Released in 2007.
1. The Coming of The King
2. I Go to The Rock
3. Until The Last One is Home
4. River of Jordan
5. I've Been With Jesus
6. Operator
7. Don't You Wanna Go
8. Back to the Crossroads
9. In the Shelter of His Arms
10. More Than Ever
11. Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin
12. This Blood's For You
13. Living in Canaan Now

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  • Revival
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The 24th annual concert brought a stripped down, raw sound to the concert and the recording.  Revival is a timely call to a timeless phenomenon.  Authentic Ozark Mountain Southern Gospel with hand-clapping rhythm, pulsating piano and big vocal harmonies.  It's a trip back to experience what Thelma Bilyeu did at the Brush Arbor in the 100 night revival of 1933!

Released in 2008.
1. God's Not Dead
2. Palms of Victory
3. Please Come Down to Me
4. Jesus, Hold My Hand
5. Maplewood Methodist Church
6. The Sweetest Song I Know
7. The Old Landmark
8. Glory, Glory, Clear the Road
9. The Holy Hills
10. Brush Arbor Meeting
11. Last Night
12. 'Til The Storm Passes By
13. Get Up in Jesus Name

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  • Faithful
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The silver anniversary of the Hosea Bilyeu Family concert is captured on this live recording.  Features Hosea original "I'll Be Walking On Air!" - share this inspiring evening of history celebrating 25 years of God's good hand on our ministry!

Released in 2009.
1. Holy Spirit Fall on This Place
2. Oh, How Sweet is The Victory
3. Bound For That City Medley
4. Is Not This The Land of Beulah
5. Not the Great I Was
6. The Promise
7. What We Needed
8. Ode to Joy
9. Goodbye World Goodbye
10. When God Ran
11. My Only Option
12. I'll Be Walking On Air
13. Times
14. My Redeemer Is Faithful and True
15. We Shall Wear A Robe and Crown

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I Found Grace
  • I Found Grace
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The 26th family concert project saw the family return to the legendary Studio in Springfield, Missouri and back to producing with one of our favorite people - Lou Whitney!

Released in 2010.
1. He's Worthy
2. I Will Praise Him
3. Cast My Bread Upon the Water
4. I Just Came to Talk
5. The Strange Man
6. Keeper of the Well
7. I'm Gonna Get Up
8. I'd Rather Have Jesus
9. What Will I Wear
10. Wake Up Dancing
11. I Found Grace
12. Friend of A Wounded Heart
13. Inside the Gate
Bonus Track: "Time In Between" performed by Alli Rees

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  • Peace
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The 27th Anniversary Concert commemorative studio recording captures all the music of the live concert in the original order.

Released in 2011.
1. One Day
2. Roll Away, Troubled River
3. A Friend Called Grace
4. Does Anybody Hear Her
5. House of Gold
6. Under His Wings
7. It Happened
8. Moving Up to Gloryland
9. I'm Gonna Leave Here Shoutin'
10. I Can Call Jesus Anytime
11. Almost Morning
12. Peace in The Midst of My Storm
13. Something's Happening
14. I'm Gonna Wait

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From A Distance
  • From A Distance
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Joy Bilyeu sang nightly for 18 seasons at Branson's first show - The Baldknobbers - as her mother did before her! This project was her first foray into the studio and features incredibly strong production and timeless country classics, PLUS a special version of "Ain't No Grave" where Joy brings her momma and poppa in to lay down family harmonies on this gospel classic.

Recorded in 1992. Digitally remastered in 2006.
1. From A Distance
2. Dark Skies
3. Crazy
4. If I Had A Dime
5. When I Call Your Name
6. On My Own
7. 'Til Each Tear Becomes A Rose [feat. Dennis Mabe]
8. I'm That Kind of Girl
9. I've Felt That Feeling
10. Ain't No Grave [feat. Hosea and Debbie Bilyeu]

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Little Hosea & Big Smith
  • Little Hosea & Big Smith
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When Hosea was growing up in Dry Holler, folks called him Little Hosea - this project brings all original material written by Hosea, who calls on his nephews, the band "Big Smith" to make this a doubly special treat. Little Hosea & Big Smith - a project that was two generations in the making!

Released in 2007.
1. Praising Jesus
2. After Daybreak, The Heartache is Gone
3. He's Coming, I'm Leaving
4. The Rough Place in The Road
5. I Want to Rise Above the World
6. Keep Me in The Fire
7. The Spirit of the Lord is Here
8. He Stills The Storm
9. I Can Feel a Trembling
10. I Still Believe
11. I Feel Good
12. Look Up, Pray Hard, Press On

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Release It
  • Release It
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Robin wrote every song on this release - sister Joy produced and the cousins who play under the name Big Smith were called in to provide instrumentation on this inspiring release.

Released in 2002.
1. Release It
2. Father God
3. I Sing to You
4. Fly Away With Me
5. Holy Baby
6. Lord I Need You
7. Open My Mouth
8. Sky
9. You Are My God/I Lift My Voice
10. My Little Child
11. Do You Wanna Go
12. Quiet Me
13. Shalom

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  • Church
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Recorded Live at Lone Star Church of God - June 28, 2012

Lone Star Church of God in the hills of Taney County, Missouri, standing sentinel for the testimony of Christ for the past 111 years.  We dedicate this CD to pastor David Koenig and the wonderfully hospitable folks that make up the current congregation of Lone Star, alive and well and winning souls to Christ in 2012!
We also honor the memory of all who have worshipped there over the years.  Their voices are stilled, but not their song!

  1. Church Medley
  2. Alleluia to the Lamb
  3. Chains of Yesterday
  4. I'm Not Ashamed
  5. Roll Away the Stone
  6. Praise God, It's Settled, I'm Saved
  7. Angel Band
  8. Lord Send a Revival
  9. Canaan Land is Just in Sight
  10. Antioch Church House Choir
  11. Balm in Gilead
  12. Bedside of a Neighbor
  13. On the Banks of the Promised Land
  14. Well Done
  15. Living in Canaan Now
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  • Gospel
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The 29th Anniversary concert presents the entire message of the Gospel - speaking of an Almighty God, the sins of man, and the heaven-sent Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.  This album is a great resource to not only enrich your life, but also to pass on to those who NEED to hear the Gospel from beginning to end.

  1. Almighty God
  2. All Because of Sin
  3. Let's Make a Baby King
  4. Just Preach Jesus
  5. Didn't I Walk on the Water
  6. Thanks to Calvary
  7. Winds of the World
  8. He's Coming Back Soon
  9. Diamond
  10. His Life For Mine
  11. In the Presence of Jehovah
  12. Get Away Jordan
  13. Almost Home
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Finish Well
  • Finish Well
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The 30th Anniversary of the family ministry at Ridgecrest Baptist presents a new project that features some old favorites with a great blend of what have become instant classics! Released August 17, 2014.

  1. Let's Have A Revival
  2. Well Done
  3. Everybody's Going Through Something
  4. This Old House
  5. Rodeo Preacher
  6. Praise His Name
  7. Walk Right Out Of This Valley
  8. I Am A Promise
  9. First Look
  10. Antioch Church House Choir
  11. I Go To The Rock
  12. Midnight Cry
  13. Little Is Much
  14. Through The Fire
  15. Finish Well
  16. Living In Canaan Now
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